User Aquisition

Incline’s media buying is exclusively digital with many years of experience in creating and managing ROI positive campaigns for some of the the largest brands in the global regulated online gaming market.


We track and report on everything: if we do not measure it, we do not improve it.


We focus on mobile app campaigns, leveraging in-app event optimization across Google and Facebook/Meta.


We are at the cutting edge of adapting marketing technology.

Meta (Facebook)

Incline consistently delivers the lowest 
industry CPI, CPA & CPFTD for its partners.

We do this with a unique approach to buying traffic across all of the Meta properties that is 100% focused on return on investment.

Mobile first

We focus on delivering mobile focused campaigns and creatives.

iOS first

We consistently see great performance by focusing on campaigns that target higher lifetime value iOS users.

Data utilization

We utilize any existing data sources/audiences to optimize campaign audiences.


We focus on creative elements that support offline branding with online conversion. Creative elements focus on consumer conversion triggers.


We constantly iterate new target audiences with various combinations of signals which serve as early indications of user behavior.

In-app behavior

We focus Facebook media buying by leveraging in-app events to target the user that are most likely to complete certain events through advanced utilization of MMP data.


Utilizing the full suite of Google products to acquire new players.

We inherit this knowledge and translate it into a strong partnership with Google for our partners which goes beyond standard User Acquisition techniques.

Google search

We have a tiered approach in analyzing and interrogating the Google search inventory. Intent-based search is where we focus on achieving the most competitive CPAs.

Google Display

We focus on mobile web traffic on display network where we control the placements aggressively in an effort to target relevant users.

Google Play App

Mobile app ecosystem continue to offer unique opportunities in UA and we have years of experience in driving ROI-positive UA campaigns at scale targeting mobile app users.

Google iOS Campaigns

Despite the targeting challenges, Google’s access to the large network of iOS users offers a unique opportunity for UA in the form of both mobile app and mobile web campaigns.