Report: Michigan Online Casino Analysis – May 2023

InclineBet founding partner Cuneyt Unar has analyzed the top 6 iGaming operators in the Michigan market (per May 2023 Gross Win market share reported by MGCB) with a focus on their growth marketing and UA efforts.

A few key takeaways:

  1. Mobile Web Opportunity: More than half of the operators in the Michigan market do not offer their players the opportunity to play&wager real money on the mobile website. A big missing opportunity!
  2. Mobile Apps & Discoverability: Google continues to evolve into a search platform for mobile apps and only one operator in the Michigan market do seem to be catching up on this trend
  3. Mobile App Tracking is a big leverage for growth marketing when its done right. Out of top 6 only one operator is able to measure their web to app efforts. A quick fix with a massive opportunity for growth!
  4. Onboarding experience in between operators does seem to be vastly different. More than half of the operators in Michigan put their players in a vicious cycle of registration & geolocation!‍

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