How to Acquire High-Value iGaming Customers with Meta

Meta (including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Meta Audience Network) offers a suite of innovative tools to help grow your iGaming business and convert high-value players. Tools that can support your user acquisition (UA) strategy.

If you’re already creating ad campaigns on Meta, you’ll know that there’s a lot to unpack. Many marketers find they’re only scratching the surface and suspect that they’re missing out on some very handy tools. Things like Meta’s Conversions API and Advantage+ placements, which can help you reach new customers at the lowest cost at any given time.

Unlocking the potential of these tools is the key. Once you know the options and how to use them effectively, you can elevate your ad campaigns to the next level. In the right hands you can achieve a remarkable return on investment, resulting in a low cost per new depositing customer in the fiercely competitive iGaming market.

Meta Tools for low CPI, CPA and CPFTD

If you’re not familiar with the Meta products mentioned above, and how they can support your user acquisition strategies, here’s a brief overview:

Conversions API

Meta’s Conversions API lets you connect your server to the Meta platform to optimize ad performance. It can send cross-channel (web, app and offline) marketing data about your customer interactions and conversion activities to help train Meta’s machine learning algorithm to find more customers likely to be interested in your brand, lookalikes, and show ads to them.

Here at InclineBet, we’ve been using this technology for some time to great effect. It’s one of the reasons we’re consistently rated by Meta as the most effective buyer of media in online gaming in the US, with a 99.9%+ effective spend rating. You can read a case study about this here.

Advantage+ placements

To drive down the cost per acquisition, Meta’s Advantage+ placements feature is invaluable. It’s an ad automation tool that optimizes your ad spend in real-time and increases the ad’s exposure.

Utilizing tools like this, alongside others in the Meta Advantage toolkit, means that we’re able to consistently deliver the lowest industry CPI, CPA and CPFTD for our iGaming partners.

Maximizing Meta for User Acquisition

Of course, these are just a couple of products in the Meta Business Suite. There are many more that can help you achieve outstanding ROI from your Meta ad campaigns. However, there is a level of complexity that can be challenging to navigate, especially if Meta isn’t your specialist area. Maximizing Meta for user acquisition requires a deep understanding of the diverse features available, and it’s not uncommon for marketers to feel a bit overwhelmed.

Fortunately, you can find support through Meta Business Partners, a community of solution experts vetted by Meta. InclineBet is proud to be in this cohort, offering specialist media buying support to the iGaming sector.

To learn more about how we can help you with Meta, please get in touch