Online Casino &
Sports CRM Services

All of Incline’s CRM team are senior and experienced in the global regulated online gaming market. The team is focused on the cost-effective conversion to first time depositors and the ongoing retention and reactivation of online players to increase lifetime value.


We create customized segments to target players with personalized offers and communications.


We create, test, and refine compelling marketing and transactional emails, push notifications and onsite/in app messages.


We analyze everything relating to CRM and optimize future campaigns, creatives and messaging.

How we do it

Cost-effective promotions are crucial to success.


We have developed a strategy of controlled bonus expenditure linked to GGW revenues and by player segment.


We treat every promotion as a cost center and analyze them to prove they are beneficial to the business. If we can’t prove positive ROI, the promotion is considered a failure.


Our industry knowledge also allows us to quickly identify and limit bonus abusers.


Our CRM team is platform agnostic

Our many years of experience in the industry means we’ve worked with nearly every major gaming platform, PAM and CRM software.

Every member of the CRM team is an Optimove-certified professional – one of the leading CRM solutions in the industry.